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Welding and Soldering

Welding and Soldering Components

Production of welded and soldered parts, subassemblies and units for various uses.
Welding of structural steels, stainless steels, aluminum alloys, but also copper, for example.

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Welding Technology

  • TIG (WIG) - welding with a tungsten electrode in an inert protective atmosphere
  • MIG and MAG - welding with a melting electrode (wire) in an inert and active protective atmosphere
  • Coated electrode welding
  • Microplasma welding
  • Vacuum beam welding
  • Resistance welding (spot welding)

Soft and Hard Soldering Technology

Classic soft and hard flame soldering.
Hard soldering (brazing) in a vacuum furnace. We use nickel and silver solders as standard.