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Our company is equipped for conventional and NC machining, as well as for CNC machining. We have a number of machine tools available for conventional, resp. conventional turning, milling, drilling, precision coordinate drilling and grinding. We are also equipped with CNC machining centers, milling machines and lathes.

With a few exceptions, we machine all common materials, i.e. structural steels, stainless steels, bronze, brass, copper, aluminum, behanite, some plastics, etc. The cast iron and materials that produce toxic fumes or harmful dust particles we process in exceptional cases only. In the event that there is a demand for machining these materials in a large volume and in the long term, we are willing to negotiate with the customer to establish a special workplace reserved for working with these materials.


We specialize in the production of high-precision components for industrial use, especially machine parts for electron microscopes, vacuum technology, cryogenic and laboratory applications, and other machinery equipments. A large number of these parts enter to complex assemblies, which we then also assemble. Our customers are accustomed from us for high accuracy and quality of processing in general and require high quality of machined surfaces. Many parts are then ground or mechanically polished. Due to the fact that the components are largely used for vacuum applications, it is necessary to clean them in the ultrasonic cleaning line that we own.