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Laser Marking

  • top quality, accuracy, speed
  • description stability (cannot be deleted)
  • contactless and clean processing
  • usable for almost any material
  • possibility to describe uneven surface
  • detailed processing - e.g. transfer of a photograph to a metal surface


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Heat treatment

  • annealing in a protective atmosphere of hydrogen, argon and vacuum
  • normalization, homogenization, magnetization and for removal of internal stress annealing , ...
  • we provide partly in our own workplaces or in cooperation


  • we want to provide our customers with comprehensive services and if we do not have some technologies or their necessary scope, then we demand them in cooperation
  • we cooperate in sheet metal production (laser cutting, water cutting, plasma cutting, bending, etc.), heat treatment (hardening, steel refining, etc.) and other technologies so that we are able to supply complete technological units